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The Glossa search system is an advanced, user-friendly interface for searching in written text and transcripts of audio or video.


The call for submission of extended abstracts for the CLARIN Annual Conference 2020 is open. Submission deadline (extended): 28 April 2020


CLARINO is the common infrastructure for language databases in Norway, having an impact primarily on the Language Sciences, but also enabling substantial research potential in other SSH disciplines, as well as in industrial research and development, for instance through multilingual technologies.


The CLARIN Annual Conference (CLARIN2020) will take place from 5-7 October in Madrid, Spain. Save the date!


The CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Polish Language Technology (PolLinguaTec) aims to provide knowledge on the application of tools and systems for natural language analysis, especially Polish, within Digital Humanities and Social Sciences.


Read the most recent CLARIN Newsflash: December 2019 here


CLARIN ERIC is proud to have supported the LT4All  event held within the framework of the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages


Applications are invited from researchers, developers and educators for the funding of short visits between representatives of CLARIN sites to collaborate on building and using the CLARIN infrastructure. Maximum grant: € 1.000. 


For 2020, a budget of €65.000 has been made available for participants in the CLARIN consortia to organize workshops by representatives of the national consortia. 


In 2020 a budget of € 30.000 is available for (co-)financing of CLARIN User Involvement (UI) events to be organized by representatives of the national consortia.