2022 Steven Krauwer Award for Early Career CLARIN Researcher Awarded to Roberts Dar模is

Submitted by Julia Misersky on 26 September 2022

About the Winner

Roberts Dar模is is a PhD candidate at the University of Latvia (UL) and researcher at Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Latvia (IMCS UL), the leading CLARIN-LV partner.聽

Dar模is鈥 efforts with regards to CLARIN have been manifold: Not only is Dar模is a member of Standing Committee for CLARIN Technical Centres ( ), he is also a contributor to CLARIN鈥檚 flagship project ParlaMint, the Latvian corpora platform Korpuss.lv, and聽 involved in the development and integration of Latvian tools.

Dar模is鈥 significant contribution to ParlaMint is reflected in the text and speech corpora building, as well as tool and service development. Dar模is is a key software and data developer for the Latvian National Corpora Collection (LNCC), where he dedicates his time to the development of Korpuss.lv. Dar模is is a leading technical developer of many Latvian corpora registered in the CLARIN-LV repository, and has developed a federated search facility that has increased the number of queries and sessions for all LNCC corpora due to better discoverability.聽

The Award Ceremony

The awards are named in honour of Steven Krauwer, the first Executive Director of CLARIN , and are awarded annually.聽

The Steven Krauwer Award for Early Career CLARIN Researcher was initiated in 2014 and is awarded to an outstanding young scientist or engineer for major contributions towards building language resources, developing tools and sharing knowledge.聽

The award ceremony took place during the CLARIN Annual Conference of 2022, a hybrid event held in Prague from 10 to 12 October. Dar模is received a certificate and a monetary prize of 500 Euros.