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National Helpdesks

Many national CLARIN consortia have a helpdesk in place:


Technical Helpdesk

Open Hours

If you would like to talk to a team of technical CLARIN experts, consider joining one of the open hours.

Contact Details

In case of technical support questions about central infrastructure components, please send an e-mail one of the following addresses:

Topic Support address
Centre Registry

centre-registry [at] (centre-registry[at]clarin[dot]eu)

(component metadata)

cmdi [at] (cmdi[at]clarin[dot]eu)

(persistent identifier service)

support [at] (support[at]pidconsortium[dot]eu)

(Federated Content Search) fcs [at] (fcs[at]clarin[dot]eu)
Link checker linkchecker [at] (linkchecker[at]clarin[dot]eu)
Metadata harvesting

harvester [at] (harvester[at]clarin[dot]eu)

Monitoring (Icinga)

monitoring [at] (monitoring[at]clarin[dot]eu)

Nexus repository

nexus [at] (nexus[at]clarin[dot]eu)

Service Provider Federation/ , CLARIN & , central Discovery Service

spf [at] (spf[at]clarin[dot]eu)

CLARIN account

accounts [at] (accounts[at]clarin[dot]eu)

Servers and system administration

sysops [at] (sysops[at]clarin[dot]eu)

Subversion and Trac

trac [at] (trac[at]clarin[dot]eu)

Virtual Language Observatory

vlo [at] (vlo[at]clarin[dot]eu)

(CLARIN) website

webmaster [at] (webmaster[at]clarin[dot]eu)


sysops [at] (sysops[at]clarin[dot]eu)

If the service you need support for is not listed in the above table, or in case of doubt, please use the general contact channels.