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Standing Committee for CLARIN Technical Centres

The Standing Committee for CLARIN Technical Centres (SCCTC) is a permanent Committee that reports to the Board of Directors. Its main responsibility is to ensure consistence, coherence and stability of infrastructure services through decisions on implementation as well as coordination between the centres and members.

Its main tasks are:

  • to serve as a forum for CLARIN centres to exchange ideas and experiences
  • to coordinate between CLARIN centres by  discussing and agreeing on measures needed for the implementation of the CLARIN technical infrastructure
  • to review and update the Centre Types Document which was produced in the CLARIN Preparatory Phase
  • to interact with the Centre Assessment Committee on relevant issues
  • to advise the Board of Directors and the National Coordinators’ Forum on any issues deemed relevant for maintaining the quality of the services provided by the CLARIN technical infrastructure.

Every year the SCCTC prepares an overview of the state of the technical infrastructure services for the General Assembly.

All meetings, minutes and documents of the SCCTC can be accessed here.

Dieter Van Uytvanck Chair
Matej Ďurčo Member Austria
Ivan Georgiev Member Bulgaria
Vanja Štefanec Member Croatia
Jan Hajič Vice-chair Czech Republic
Simon Gray Member Denmark
Krista Liin Member Estonia
Martin Matthiesen Member Finland
Nicolas Larrousse Observer France
Dirk Goldhahn Member Germany
Xaris Papageorgiou Member Greece
Samúel Thórisson Observer Iceland
Riccardo Del Gratta Member Italy
Roberts Darģis Member Latvia
Andrius Utka Member Lithuania
Daan Broeder Member Netherlands
Hemed Al Ruwehy Member Norway
Tomasz Naskręt Member Poland
Luís Manuel Gomes Member Portugal
Cyprian Laskowski Member Slovenia
Leif-Jöran Olsson Member Sweden
Martin Wynne Observer United Kingdom
Martin Hennelly Observer South Africa