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Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is a permanent committee that reports to the General Assembly. Its main responsibility is to provide input to the General Assembly through solicited and unsolicited advice on strategic issues, including vision, new initiatives, work plans and quality assurance. The SAB may provide input for the General Assembly for the evaluation of the progress of the work and the services offered by CLARIN  . Every year, at its annual meeting, the SAB prepares an opinion to be presented to the General Assembly.

Membership of the SAB is decided by the General Assembly. The number of members of the SAB is between five and ten, and is decided by the General Assembly. The term of office for SAB members is three years, with the possibility of reappointment for one more term.

The General Assembly appoints the chair of the SAB. The SAB meets as often as deemed necessary by the chair, normally once per year.