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Funding Opportunities


As the COVID-19 dynamics are preventing the CLARIN community from conducting face-to-face activities, we warmly invite funding proposals for the preparation of virtual events and other creative formats that could contribute to the continued outreach to communities of use. The normal application guidelines are temporarily suspended. Instead, we ask applicants to convincingly summarize their plans in a format of their choice. If you have any questions about how to prepare your proposal, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Workshop Funding

We regularly fund workshops on topics related to language resources and small-scale development projects.

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User Involvement Funding

We are committed to enabling training opportunities for researchers at all stages and from a wide range of disciplines and are welcoming proposals to fund Master Classes, Tutorials, Seminars and Summer Schools as well as on-line training materials that are focusing on teaching how to use the CLARIN resources, tools or depositing services.

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Mobility Grants

Would you like to learn how to use a resource or tool developed at a CLARIN centre? Or would you like to learn how to integrate a resource or tool you've developed into the CLARIN infrastructure?  Or would you like to set up teacher exchange and teacher training? Consider applying for a mobility grant.

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CLARIN Trainer Network Programme

We invite applications for participation in the CLARIN Trainer Network programme. The CLARIN Trainer Network is a group of experts, who carry out training events at prominent summer schools, conferences, COST Actions, etc. in disciplines and communities relevant for CLARIN.

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CLARIN Training Suite 

We welcome proposals for the CLARIN Training Suite, the aim of which is to build a collection of training materials, that can be reused and adapted by lecturers in the CLARIN network in both formal as well as informal educational settings.

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