Why do some of my records not appear in the VLO?

Submitted by Twan Goosen on 27 May 2015

Some or most of my records seem to have been harvested and imported in the fine. However, some records seem to have been omitted. How come?

If some or most of your records have been harvested and imported in the fine, but some records seem to have been omitted, they were probably explicitly skipped by the VLO importer process. Records with no (valid) resource proxies are omitted from the import process. Make sure to always include at least one resource proxy, for example a landing page or link to a resource (see "How does the Resources section work?"). The VLO import process also skips records that are too large. The limit currently lies at 50 megabytes. If you have larger metadata records that you think should be included, please contact us at cmdi@clarin.eu.

Note that metadata files that are not in the 1.2 version get converted before import. The limit applies to the converted file, so certain records may get skipped even if the original file is within the size limit. Typically a converted record should not be more than twice the size of the original file, depending on the formatting. Typically the file size difference is 20% or less.

If files seem to be omitted from hierarchies, but do appear in the VLO in isolation, the most likely reason is that the Resource Proxy reference value (a URL or  ) used in the parent record does not match the self link value (in the MdSelfLink header item) in the referenced record. The VLO will only consider a record to be a parent of another record if it uses the exact self link of the latter to link to it.