What software is available for authoring CMDI metadata?

Submitted by Twan Goosen on 6 February 2017

There a several options for creating records "by hand" (as opposed to having CMDI generated from a primary source by a script, repository system or other software):

  • An XML editor such as oXygen¬†or a text editor or code editor with XML support, preferably with XML Schema awareness.
    • In addition to oXygen, which has a commercial licence, there are also numerous free XML editors. See for example¬†this comparison of XML editors.
  • COMEDI is an online CMDI editor developed within¬†CLARINO that works with any profile.
  • Arbil, the metadata editor developed at the Max Planck Instititue for Psycholinguistics supports any¬†CMDI profile and provides¬†powerful table-based editing.¬†No longer maintained!

Dedicated editors with a limited number of supported profiles:

  • CMDI Maker¬†from the University of Cologne
  • ProFormA, part of the NaLiDa project at University T√ľbingen. No longer available!