Frequently Asked Questions - Concepts

The component registry only searches in the CCR's metadata concept scheme. You can either request your national CCR coordinator to have the concept be assigned to this concept scheme or manually copy & paste the concept's handle in the ConceptLink field in the component registry.

The CLARIN Concept Registry is managed by a group of national CCR Coordinators. The procedure to add new concepts or change existing concepts is described at:

Yes, go to the site mentioned above and select the concepts with an Approved status in the Status facet.

In a concept registry - a server that can be reached via the internet, both by human users and computer programs.

There are indeed issues with searching if people aren't using matching descriptions. Think of someone calling a collection of texts a "text collection", while someone else might be searching for a "(text) corpus". A person can also be labelled a "speaker", "participant", "actor", "author", and so forth. Or think of all the variants that people can use for one and the same country: "the Netherlands", "Nederland", "Netherlands", "Holland", etc. The same goes for lingustic annotations: "noun" and "substantive" can both be used to describe the same part-of-speech tag. To counter these problems the metadata components contain links to a kind of database that contains atomic concepts (say "country" or "resource type"). Smart software will later on be able to "see" that if a user searches for nouns, he might also be interested in substantives, because they either refer to the same concept, or the concepts are marked as related.