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Frequently Asked Questions - Metadata in CLARIN: conversion to CMDI

If you have old records in DC (or OLAC, a linguistic extension of DC) you can use the following profile:

From that profile you can generate the XSD:

And then you can transform your DC XML files into CMDI files that comply with the profile with the following XSLT:

An example (DC) inputfile:

The corresponding (CMDI) outputfile:

There is no general procedure to do this, as TEI has many variants and extensions. However, you could follow the following general workflow:

  • Inspect your TEI headers and decide what the relevant parts are. Some information (e.g. layout tags etc.) might be lost during the conversion.
  • Compare your needs with one of the existing TEI profiles (teiHeader type 1, teiHeader type 2, teiHeader type 3) in the CMDI component registry. If it fulfills your needs, go to the next steps. If it does not, use the TEI profile as a basis to create your own CMDI profile.
  • Create an XSLT that generates CMDI instances (according to the profile that you chose in the previous step) from the TEI files. (Have a look at olac2cmdi.xsl and imdi2clarin.xsl for some inspiration).

If you have records in the Meta-Share maximal format you can use the profiles and conversion stylesheets as described at the Meta site.

If you have records in the Meta-Share minimal format you can use this profile (and the generated XSD).

Then you can use an XSLT transformation to transform your Meta-Share records into the CMDI equivalent. For the maximal Meta-Share schema, guidelines and XSLT files are provided here. For the minimal MS-schema to OLAC, the XSLT is provided here.

Related to this Jozef Misutka from UFAL has been so kind to implement an OAI-PMH module for the Meta-Share repository.

See also: CMDI interoperability workshop

Use the MODS profile and the XSLT stylesheet provided by the University Library of Utrecht (requires an SVN account).

There are 2 CMDI profiles and an XSLT stylesheet available that can achieve this. (access requires an SVN account)

EDM metadata can be converted to CMDI by means of a dedicated CMDI profile and an XSLT stylesheet (+documentation).