Workshop on Profiling Second Language Vocabulary and Grammar

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Språkbanken Text and HumInfra are organising a workshop on tools and resources aimed at research on profiling second language vocabulary and grammar, to take place on 20-21 April 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Submission and registration deadline 10 March 2023.
Efforts are made to create electronic resources that could help analyze learner language to feed into research and development projects within Teaching and Didactics, Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and Assessment, Lexicography, Intelligent CALL applications, automatic analysis of learner language, automatic exercise generation, course book writing and various applied derivative products, such as learning apps. Such resources, called second language profiles, are research infrastructure components that often focus on second language (L2) learners, covering descriptions/listings of vocabulary, grammar and morphology learners acquire by level of proficiency. We witness the appearance of such resources, e.g. English Profile, Teacher's Tools for Estonian and Swedish L2 profile, however, since such resources are quite few and, most importantly, new to users/researchers, we need a forum where we can discuss them, practically test them, explore their possibilities for research together and exchange experiences.

Aim of the Workshop

  • to establish some common practices, among others, how to use L2 profiles practicall and how to apply them to different research questions
  • to showcase scenarios for using them in research & teaching and outline benefits of their use
  • to exchange experiences and lessons learnt between projects that have created such resources, reflecting on the ways to improve user-friendliness and identifying missing functionalities
  • to inspire other languages to work on similar resources stimulating the creation of a new family of resources. Projects of that kind can hardly be "re-run" to fix errors that are discovered post-factum, and therefore planning such projects "right from the start" is a prerequisite. With the experiences from the L2 profile projects for Swedish, Estonian and English, we intend to offer our expertise (à la "advisory role") and help researchers in other countries set up their projects.

Call for Presentation/Participation

Researchers and teachers working with profiling second language lexical, grammatical and other types of competencies are invited to join the workshop. If you intend to participate, please, fill in this registration form by 10 March 2023. It is not obligatory, but possible to present your work during the workshop. In that case, please, add a short abstract (100-500 words), in the same registration form. You will hear back from the organisers shortly after 10 March.

Topics and Areas of Interest

Topics of interest:
  • descriptions of existing resources, work-in-progress or planned resources
  • examples of practical use of such resources
  • lexical profiles
  • grammatical profiles
  • morphological profiles
  • word families
  • linguistic complexity studies based on L2 profiles
Areas of interest:
  • lexicography
  • teaching
  • (Second) Language Acquisition
  • language assessment
  • Intelligent Computer-Assisted language learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • language learning app development

Programme and Invited Speakers

Check the workshop page for an updated programme and information about invited speakers.


University of Gothenburg