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CLARIN Resource Families


In the context of the CLARIN Resource Families (CRF) initiative, we are organising an online discussion forum in which

we will be presenting as well as discussing ongoing work on the metadata curation of CRF resources and tools. One of our aims is to focus on possible improvements in the way in which the depositing of resources and tools in CLARIN service providing centres currently goes about. The CRF presenters will be Jakob Lenardič, Kristina Pahor de Maiti, and Alexander König.

While the primary target audience of this discussion forum is the administrators of CLARIN centres, this event is open to everyone, and may be of particular interest to researchers working with metadata in any capacity.

The topics that will be discussed are as follows:
  1. A general introduction to the aims of CRF, with a focus on past and current curatorial efforts.
  2. A discussion and analysis of existing depositing guidelines in CLARIN B-centres, which was in part already presented at the 2022 Annual CLARIN Conference; see Lenardič and Fišer (2022).
  3. Our own depositing recommendations, which focus on the qualitative aspects of a deposit and seek out to account for the gaps in the existing guidelines.
  4. The representation of metadata, such as annotation, in CMDI, and how this varies across the repositories as well as repository types (e.g., DSpace vs. Meta-Share).
This online event is going to take place on Zoom and should last no more than 2 hours.
Zoom: link

Presentation slides


Section Time Presenter
CLARIN Resource Families – an Introduction 13:05–13:15 Jakob Lenardič
Discussion 1 13:15–13:25  
Depositing Guidelines 13:25–13:40 Kristina Pahor de Maiti
Discussion 2 13:40–13:55  
Licence and Metadata – Annotation and Licence 13:55–14:10 Jakob Lenardič
Discussion 3 14:10–