CLARIN2022 Panel | CLARIN and Other SSH Platforms: You’ll Never Innovate Alone


Event name: Panel | CLARIN and Other SSH Platforms: You’ll Never Innovate Alone

Date: Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Time: 10:00 - 10:40 (CEST)

Venue: Hybrid (for registered participants of CLARIN2022)

Panellists: Representatives from SSH Open Marketplace, CLARIN’s Virtual Language Observatory, Europeana, OPERAS, ELEXIS

Moderator: Jan Hajič

This panel is part of the CLARIN Annual Conference 2022.

About the Panel

Several recent initiatives in the SSH domain have led to the launch of discovery portals that help their audiences find and access digital data. The diversity in discipline-specific portals comes with interesting functionalities and offers welcome support for a range of use cases. However, it may not always be easy for researchers to know which is the right portal for their task or the most suitable platform for depositing their resources. For a fruitful co-existence in the ecosystem and a coherent offer of infrastructural support, it is crucial that providers of SSH services collaborate and innovate together. In this panel, representatives of several portals explain how they see their role in the SSH landscape and discuss the interoperability and complementarity of the different platforms.


Jan Hajič


Bio: Jan Hajič is a professor of Computational Linguistics at the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics at the School of Computer Science, Charles University, Prague, in Czechia. His research interests cover morphology of inflective languages, machine translation and deep language understanding; most prominently, he has been involved in building language resources for multiple languages with rich linguistic annotation. He is the director of LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ, multi-institutional research infrastructure on language resources in Czechia. He has also worked in the U.S. and several European academic institutions. He has been the PI or Co-PI of numerous international as well as large national grants and projects (including, e.g., the European Language Grid, European Language Equality action, and the High-Performance Language Technology project). He is the chair of the Executive Board of META-NET, European research network in Language Technology, and member of various boards and committees, including the DG Translation Expert Group on Language Industry.