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CLARIN Annual Conference 2022

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About the CLARIN Annual Conference

The CLARIN Annual Conference is the main annual event for those working on the construction and operation of CLARIN across Europe, as well as for representatives of the communities of use in the humanities, and social sciences.

In 2020 and 2021, the CLARIN Annual Conference took place virtually. In 2022 the CLARIN Annual Conference is organised as a hybrid event, with Prague, Czechia, as the venue. The conference hotel is OREA Hotel Pyramida. The event will be organised by CLARIN ERIC in collaboration with LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ.
CLARIN2022 is organised for the wider humanities and social sciences communities in order to exchange ideas and experiences within the CLARIN infrastructure. This includes the design, construction and operation of the CLARIN infrastructure, the data, tools and services that it contains or for which there is a need, its actual use by researchers, its relation to other infrastructures and projects, and the CLARIN Knowledge Infrastructure.

We are looking forward to welcoming all authors of accepted papers, members of national consortia and representatives of CLARIN centres, representatives from partner organisations, and anybody else who is interested in becoming part of the CLARIN community.

You can find the most up-to-date details on this page. Updates will also be communicated via the news section on the CLARIN website, the CLARIN Newsflash and Twitter


The 2022 CLARIN Annual Conference will take place as a hybrid event, which means that two different types of registration are available: virtual and in-person.
Virtual attendance: Open to general audience
Deadline for registration 5 October.
In-person attendance: By invitation only
Authors will receive the registration link with the notification of acceptance, delegates will receive the link from their NCs, and special guests and keynote speakers will receive personalised messages.
Deadline for registration 23 September


The conference will run from Monday 10 October, 16:00 CEST, until Wednesday 12 October, 13:00 CEST. Closed meetings of CLARIN  committees will precede the event on Monday between 9:00 and 15:30 CEST.
The programme of CLARIN2022 is available here.



    Conference proceedings can be found at this link.


    Presenter Guidelines

    Presenters of thematic sessions, teaching with CLARIN session, PhD-students session and Bazaar are advised to take a look at the presenter guidelines. Here you will find information about sending your slides to the organisers, available equipment, and more.


    Call for Abstracts (closed)
    • Read the call for extended abstracts at this link 
    • Submission deadline (extended): 29 April 2022 (now closed)
    Teaching with CLARIN Call (closed)
    • Read the call here 
    • Submission deadline 15 July (closed)

    CLARIN PhD Students Session (closed)

    • Read the call here
    • Submission deadline 2 September (closed)

    CLARIN Bazaar (closed)

    • If you would like to have a stall in the bazaar, please sign up through the link that is available on the CLARIN Bazaar page.
    • Application deadline 30 September 2022 (closed)


    How to Get There

    Conference Venue
    Hotel and Conference centre: OREA Hotel Pyramida Praha
    Address: Bělohorská 24, 169 01 Prague, Czechia
    Website: link
    Phone: +420 233 102 111
    Floor plan: Ground floor - First floor
    Location conference dinner on day 2: Strahov Monastery Brewery (St Norberts Brewery), Strahovské nádvoří 301, 118 00 Praha 1-Hradčany, Czechia

    By Train

    From Prague's central train station Hlavní Nádraží, you can reach the conference venue OREA Hotel Pyramida Praha in the following ways:

    From 5:00 a.m. to midnight

    • By tram: Take tram 15 from Bolzanova street, direction Kotlářka, stop at Malostranská and change to tram 22 direction Bílá Hora get out at Malovanka.
    • By subway and tram: Take subway C (red line) direction Letňany, stop at Vltavská station and change to tram 25 direction Bílá Hora, get out at stop Malovanka. Subway trains run every 5-10 minutes.

    From midnight to 5:00 a.m.

    • By tram: take tram 98 from Bolzanova street, direction Sídliště Řepy, stop at Lazarská (there are two Lazarská stations, stop at the second one), change to tram 97 direction Bílá Hora, get out at Malovanka

    By Air

    From Prague's airport Václav Havel, you can reach the conference venue OREA Hotel Pyramida Praha in the following ways:

    From 5:00 a.m. to midnight

    • By bus and tram: Take bus 191, direction Na Knížecí, stop at Vypich and change to tram 25, direction Lehovec, get out at Malovanka

    From midnight  to 05:00 a.m.

    • By bus and tram: Take bus 910, direction Na Beránku, stop at Vypich and change to tram 97, direction Nádraží Hostivař get out at Malovanka
    For more information about Prague and Czechia, including travel advice and guidelines concerning COVID-19 regulations, please visit this dedicated page.

    FAQ Hybrid Event

    At this link you can consult a list of frequently asked questions.

    More information about previous CLARIN Annual Conferences can be found here  


    OREA Hotel Pyramida Praha
    Bělohorská 24
    169 01 Prague