CLARIN Café: Interactive Q&A Session for Newcomers in CLARIN from the SSH domain

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General Information

Date: 27 September 2021

Times: from 11:30 to 12:30 (during CLARIN2021 lunch break)

Location: CLARIN Virtual Zoom meeting

Twitter hashtag: #CLARINcafe

A full overview of the past and upcoming Café sessions can be found on the CLARIN Café page.


A CLARIN café is an informal and interactive space for sharing experiences and insights that have a potential relevance for the activities and developments within the context of the CLARIN universe. The goal of this Café, co-located with the CLARIN conference, is to answer questions and to help newcomers to get to know the CLARIN Infrastructure and familiarise with it.

In order to be able to make the most out of this session, we suggest you take a look at the following links.

A Sneak Peek into the CLARIN Infrastructure in 25 Steps

To have a general overview of what CLARIN is and does, watch CLARIN 101 videos from previous CLARIN Cafés, such as the Café session of February 2021.

  • CLARIN’s vision – All digital language resources and tools from all over Europe and beyond are accessible through a online environment for the support of researchers in the humanities and social sciences. 
  • CLARIN’s mission – Create and maintain an infrastructure to support the sharing, use and sustainability of language data and tools for research in the humanities and social sciences.

See the CLARIN value proposition and CLARIN in a nutshell for further information.

Check the poster Understanding culture and society with language resources and tools.

To know more about CLARIN Governance and Centres, and to explore the CLARIN network near you
  • Organizational overviewgeneral Assembly, Board of Directors, National Coordinators’ Forum, Scientific Advisory Boards, Committees, Taskforces.
  • Participating consortia: in 2021, 21 national centres, 3 observers and 1 third party participant.
  • CLARIN Centres: service-providing centres (B-centres), metadata providing centres (C-centres), and knowledge centres (K-centres).
  • Tour de CLARIN:  an outreach initiative that periodically highlights prominent User Involvement activities of a particular CLARIN national consortium, Knowledge centre and B-centre.

To find out about CLARIN resources and tools

See CLARIN services for more information.

To learn and read about
  • VideoLecturesrecordings of talks and tutorials from CLARIN training and academic events.
  • Guest blog postsguest blog posts written by researchers who attend CLARIN User Involvement events and share their insights.

See CLARIN for Researchers for more information.

To discover about events, funding opportunities and support instruments

See CLARIN Funding for further details.

How to Join

This CLARIN café will be held during the CLARIN Annual Conference 2021, you can register via this form.

Recordings & Blog

More details will follow