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CLARIN Café I: CLARIN in times of Corona (Virtual Event)

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General information

This edition of the CLARIN Café is organized by CLARIN Ambassador Prof. Toine Pieters (Utrecht University).

(A full overview of the Café sessions scheduled can be found on the CLARIN Café page.)  

Date: 27 May 2020
Time: 15:00 - 16:15 (CEST)
Venue: CLARIN virtual Zoom meeting


Please register for free using this link in order to receive the meeting room details. 


In times of crisis, public support for policy measures is important. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the public in various countries across Europe has shown general support for the advice provided by National Health Institutes and governments. However, it is uncertain how this support will evolve once the perceived urgency and rationale of the policy measures changes over time. We have already seen growing information divergencies between state-controlled sources and social media. Furthermore, we see interesting dynamics in Corona-related vocabularies across countries and cultures (social distancing, 1,5 meter society or economy, etc.). The timely understanding of changes in public opinion, sentiments and citizen or crowd behavior is important for policy makers and health care professionals and of course food for thought for academic scholars. 

Digital Humanities in action

Digital Humanities scholars and data scientists across Europe can provide non-invasive tools and methods to study changes in public opinion and sentiments, the circulation of knowledge (balance between facts, rumors and fake-news) and in individual and crowd behavior. Thus, they can produce useful insights into public stances towards policies, public health interventions and remedies. However useful on a national level, it would be great to share the lessons learned within the broader European context. What differences and similarities can we pinpoint between the EU countries?

Goal of the CLARIN Café

This CLARIN Café aims to be a venue for the exchange of Corona-related research ideas and results. It provides a platform for discussion and inspiration on the possibilities of the CLARIN infrastructure to support research in terms of technologies and tools as well as interactions with fellow researchers in order to stimulate European collaborations and cross-national comparative Corona-related research.

Speakers and topics