Austrian Presidency of the EU Council Conference on Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities for a European Research Agenda

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Valuation of SSH in mission-oriented research

28-29 November 2018, in Vienna, the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council conference will engage around 350 participants from all over Europe and international partner countries into a discussion over diverse dimensions of impact in the field of social sciences and humanities. It will gather Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) policy makers, RTI councils, public and philanthropic funding agencies, research managers, academics, and evaluators to debate and forward valuation and impact generation of SSH in disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research settings for the benefit of socially more robust RTI policies, RTI processes and RTI solutions to better address European challenges and missions.

CLARIN will be present at the conference at a poster session addressing the topic "Transcending Scientific Boundaries across SSH Research focusing on Parliamentary Data" (28.11.2018, 16:45-17:45, foyer K).

Parliamentary corpora represent a very important source of socially relevant content. It is available in ever larger quantities, multilingual, and accompanied by rich metadata. It has the distinguishing characteristic of representing spoken language produced in controlled circumstances. Traditionally it has been archived in transcribed form but increasingly it is released also in audio and video formats.

The information that datasets of this category contains has high value for public audiences if made easily accessible and interconnected with relevant documents, events, contact points, etc. Therefore, joint research effort in the SSH domain has both the potential to advance the scientific disciplines through cross-domain and cross-national collaboration, and to increase the usability of this data type which in turn can further generate impact on the exchange of societal information at large.

The CLARIN  infrastructure offers access to parliamentary corpora, covering almost all of the languages spoken in countries that are either member or observer of CLARIN ERIC. This poster presentation will introduce CLARIN resources, results of the joint SSH efforts achieved so far, and the vision for future development in the field.

The poster can be found here.






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