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MOMENT2018@LREC2018: Multilingualism at the intersection of Knowledge Bases and Machine Translation


Workshop overview

The “Multilingualism at the intersection of Knowledge Bases and Machine Translation” workshop aims to offer a forum for discussions to researchers and developers that find themselves at the intersection of the two strands of research, namely, knowledge bases of high-specialised domains (represented by domain knowledge graphs, ontologies, terminologies, dictionaries) and machine translation, where the intersection point is precisely multilingualism. On the one hand, there is an impending need to cater for multilingual knowledge resources that support Natural Language Processing ( ), content analytics or information extraction across languages. On the other hand, there is a growing interest in exploiting the knowledge captured in such resources for machine translation ( ) systems that often lack the knowledge of domain-specific expressions.

We believe that in the same way that domain knowledge graphs, ontologies and terminologies can benefit from NLP tools and MT systems that help to overcome the language barrier, NLP tools and MT systems would also profit from the specialized semantic knowledge and the terms that are captured in multilingual knowledge bases. The workshop, therefore, aims at building a bridge between the knowledge base and MT communities.

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Miyazaki, Miyazaki