Hacking the GDPR to Conduct Research with Language Resources in Digital Humanities and Social Sciences



The workshop, organised by the CLARIN Legal and Ethical Issues Committee (CLIC) and hosted by CLARIN-LT, aims to bring together legal experts and researchers from the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines working with Language Resources (LRs) in order to exchange views and explore ways of creating and using LRs under the GDPR regime. Furthermore, the proposal for establishing a Code of Conduct will be laid out.

The workshop is organised in two sessions:

  • an introductory session with short presentations related to the topic aiming to establish a common ground of knowledge among the participants

  • a "hackathon" session where the participants will collaborate on resolving three Use Cases that present problems vis-a-vis the GDPR; participants will have the opportunity to discuss the legal and technological measures that can be used to ensure legal access to and processing of personal data, comparing and contrasting the solutions in order to select among them the ones that best suit each case, thus familiarising themselves with GDPR concepts.

You will find the detailed program and further information here.

Call for participation

Participation is free upon registration (actual link can be requested from the workshop organisers).

We welcome the application of up to one participant per CLARIN member. If more applications are received, they will be considered upon availability of seats.

The event is supported by CLARIN .


Crowne Plaza hotel