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DH Course Registry Metadatathon

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The DH Course Registry Metadatathon is a part of the DARIAH Annual Event 2018.

Convenors: WG DH Course Registry - Tanja Wissik (Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities), Hendrik Schmeer (CLARIN- )


Are you teaching a DH Course or related field? Do you want to make the course more visible outside your university network? Do you want to attract more (foreign) students? Do you want to shape the landscape of DH teaching in Europe and beyond and put your own activities on the map?

Then join the DH Course Registry Metadatathon and get to know the DH Course Registry, a joint effort of DARIAH-EU and CLARIN ERIC designed to showcase DH classes and encourage enrolment.

Increasing the visibility of DH training activities – both on the local and the European level – is of great concern to the DH community, not in order to attract more students, but also as a way of consolidating DH as an academic discipline. As traditional academic structures are rather resistant to the inherent interdisciplinary of DH initiatives, we have to look to other dissemination channels and go beyond barriers to reach our public outside the individual university. The DH Course Registry was built for just this purpose.

Designed as a hub to collect information on Digital Humanities programmes, courses, lectures and summer schools across Europe, the DH Course Registry is a search environment that allows users to access a database containing, at this point, over 140 courses and training events. The search functionality is enhanced with an interactive map making the listings searchable by location.

Participants in the Metadatathon will not only learn about the benefits, functionalities and QA procedures of the Course Registry, they will also get the opportunity to work “hands-on” with the system and to enter the metadata for their own course – creating more visibility for each individual initiative and adding a puzzle piece to the teaching and training landscape of DH.

The workshop is targeted towards researchers and lecturers who teach courses in DH or related fields, as well as towards DH programme coordinators who want to showcase their teaching activities outside their university network.

Workshop time

The workshop will be held during the DARIAH Annual Event from 10:30 - 12:30.

Travel Bursaries

For this workshop there are 15 travel bursaries (up to € 300) available through the DARIAH WG funding scheme. Read more about the travel bursaries and how to apply.

Information and registration

For more information and registration visit the DH Course Registry Metadatathon page.



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