CLARIN Workshop "Translation memories, corpora, termbases: Bridges between translation studies and research infrastructures"


Workshop description and objectives

Various language resources, such as mono- and multilingual corpora, translation memories, terminology resources, and lexica are compiled and used in translation practice, translation training and translation studies research. However, the practical aspects of re-using, sharing and archiving of language resources in translation studies is not well documented and users are not supported adequately in their endeavours. 

The infrastructure Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure (CLARIN) is a European infrastructure to advance research in the humanities by giving researchers, trainers and students access to language resources and technology. Its services and tools support researchers and trainers in compiling, analysing, sustainably archiving and sharing of language resources and tools. It facilitates knowledge sharing and supports collaborative research and training. Translation studies are one of the disciplines addressed by CLARIN to reuse and contribute resources, tools, procedures and work methods. These topics will be addressed collaboratively with the participants of the Workshop.

The aims of the Workshop are:

  • to show the potential of using research infrastructures, resources and tools for translation studies in hands-on sessions;
  • to raise awareness for legal issues of using, reusing, compiling, and sharing of language resources,
  • to show the potential of integrating research infrastructures and their services into translation training (not only in technology-related courses but also horizontally throughout all courses);
  • to discover the ways in which technology, developed within CLARIN, would be helpful for translation studies research,
  • to share experience and best practices using, reusing, compiling, and sharing of language resources outside of CLARIN,
  • to establish new collaborations and sustainable knowledge sharing.

During the Workshop the participants will hear invited talks, engage with tools and services in hands-on sessions, discuss and share their experiences with peers, and will be given the opportunity to present their projects.

Target audience

International researchers and trainers in translation studies and related fields who are interested in language resources (e.g. translation memories, corpora, termbases, lexica, etc.). The participation is open to all translation domains and all languages. It is not essential to have previous experience in this area, although it is recommended to have some understanding of translation memories, corpora, or termbases. It is neither essential to have prior experiences with research infrastructures, nor be based at a CLARIN consortium institution. 

Eligibility of the selection

The Workshop will be attended by around 25 participants. The selection will be based on the motivation of participants for attending this workshop. 

Terms and conditions for participation

The participation in the workshop will be free of charge.
The organiser will provide accommodation for one night for the eligible participants. Travel needs to be organised and paid by the participants.  A limited number of travel grants is available for eligible participants.

The Workshop is organised by the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences, with the support of CLARIN.

Application form

Interested parties are invited to fill in the following form before 14 December, 2017.

Important dates

14 December, 2017 Workshop application
21 December, 2017 Notification of acceptance 
8-9 February, 2018 Workshop

The (provisional) agenda can be found on the workshop webpage