Workshop on interoperability of L2 resources and tools


The workshop aims at building a network of researchers, developers and users dealing with second language resources (e.g. corpora) and tools (e.g. error annotation tools) within the CLARIN context. The workshop focusses on the needs of interoperability of L2 resources (second language learner corpora, written mode) and associated tools, since comparability of corpora and annotation will, ideally, enable comparative research across languages and national borders. However,  first the interested parties, relevant projects, corpora and tools need to be identified. 

During the two and a half days we will discuss critical issues affecting quality and interoperability, such as L2 corpus composition, metadata, error coding and exploratory tools, and will attempt to establish a common ground in order to serve ongoing and future projects serving researchers throughout CLARIN.

On the last date, we will provide time (from 15.30 and on) for internal meetings and discussions. 

This workshop is financed by CLARIN .

More information can be found on the SWE-CLARIN Workshop page.



University of Gothenburg
Lennart Torstenssongata 8