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ESOF 2016

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The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is a biennial, pan-European, general science conference dedicated to scientific research and innovation. Each conference aims to deliver stimulating content and lively debate around the latest advancements and discoveries in the sciences, humanities and social sciences.

In 2016, this major event of European science will be hosted in Manchester, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, a city whose ideas have always challenged the established order. The motto ‘Science as Revolution’ is an invitation for breakthrough ideas to continue scientific revolutions and encourage focus on past, present and future path-breaking science. 

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CLARIN is organizing an 1:15h Scientific Session called “A high speed rail network in the Humanities”. It will present CLARIN by briefly introducing it and by showcasing three examples of innovative CLARIN-related research. It will also engage the audience in a discussion about the future of the humanities and social sciences, in particular the ‘digital humanities’, and research infrastructures.


Manchester Central Convention Complex Ltd
M2 3GX
United Kingdom