First Swedish national SWE-CLARIN workshop


In 2013, the Swedish Research Council approved a proposal for Swedish membership in CLARIN, including a Swedish national CLARIN organization.

The process of setting up SWE-CLARIN is ongoing, and it is likely that Sweden will be able to join the CLARIN during 2014.

This first national Swedish CLARIN workshop is organized in conjunction with SLTC 2014, the Fifth Swedish Language Technology Conference, in Uppsala on the morning of the 13th of November 2014. The purpose of the workshop is to take stock of ongoing activities falling within the remit of SWE-CLARIN, as well as to look ahead, by formulating needs to be filled and research avenues to be explored over the upcoming years.

In line with the exploratory nature of this first national SWE-CLARIN workshop, we welcome submissions describing completed, ongoing, and planned e-HSS work – crucially involving the use of LT and LRs .

For more informarion see the website.