2nd EUDAT Conference (October 28-30, Rome)

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What do Earthquakes, Brains and Genomes have in common? They are just some of the many topics that will be addressed at the 2nd Conference in Rome.

Keynote presentations from the Human Brain flagship project by Richard Frackowiak, Ewan Birney on Annotating the Human Genome, Helix-Nebula the Science Cloud by Maryline Lengert and a view from across the Atlantic from Bill Michener on DataONE will be complimented by a series of parallel tracks and training sessions on the EUDAT services, associated workshops on topics that include humanities and social sciences, novel big data technologies and ultra-scalable data management technologies, policies for the management of research data.

The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for both data infrastructure providers and researchers who use data facilities to meet and address the current issues involving data infrastructures. More specifically, the conference aimes to show researchers how they could benefit from using the services that EUDAT is developing and how to actually use those services, while also working with people who are running data infrastructures that will interact with EUDAT’s services and looking at managing the interactions between such infrastructures and the EUDAT services.

Check out the rich three day programme at http://www.eudat.eu/events/programme-eudat-2nd-conference and register on-line.