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Workshop on Digital Curation in the Humanities at ECDL 2009

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The aim of the workshop is to act as a focus for a fruitful dialogue among major stakeholders in human science research infrastructures: policy makers and planners of the emerging European digital infrastructures, computer science and information science researchers in the field of digital libraries, e-repository, collections and data managers, practising curators, archivists and librarians, and active researchers from the whole spectrum of the human sciences interested into, or dependent upon, the use of information resources and tools for research. This long overdue meeting of complementary perspectives will, hopefully, act as a catalyst for a convergence of conceptual and technical approaches between different projects, in Europe and beyond, and for an alignment of current efforts with the actual requirements, know-how and expertise of key user communities. 

This workshop is part of the European Conference on Digital Libraries 2009 conference (