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Text Mining Services - TMS Conference Leipzig

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Text and content mining is of central importance for internet based media services and intelligent search services. These services will be standard for next generation portals. They also form the basis of the so-called E-Humanities. Text Mining services already are of commercial interest for the media and publishing houses, for on-line and off-line journalism, quality analysis and assurance in industries, patent and technology mining, trend mining and trend management, and media and marketing analysis.

A necessary precondition for High Tech Services is a systematic and structured acquisition, generation, processing, administration, presentation, reuse, and publication of contents. Content services make available the resources and programs needed for that. Public digital text and data resources are linked together and made accessible by common standards. New software architectures integrate digital resources and processing tools like text and data mining to develop new and better content for specific applications.

The workshop will address and discuss urging research issues and approaches for text mining services as part of the SABRE multi conference focusing on services science in cooperation with the Department of Computer Science and the Information Systems Institute as well as the Historisches Seminar of the University of Leipzig, University of Applied Science Leipzig and the Leipzig Graduate School of Managment (HHL), together with the German government funded research projects eAQUA (, D-SPIN (, Topic Maps 2.0 Lab (, and the EU funded project CLARIN ( The up-to-date state of the art in text mining services will be presented and discussed amongst representatives both from research and industry as well as different scientific disciplines.

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