European Open Science Cloud

More information about CLARIN's role in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC):

CLARIN services in the EOSC

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We made a video that illustrates how many language processing services, both from CLARIN centres and other providers, are just a click away. Similarly, thousands of digitized language resources are online accessible, at this very moment. The CLARIN infrastructure connects these data sets and tools.

CLARIN at the launch of the EOSC Portal

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The demonstration case (in the video below) of the EOSC Portal using CLARIN data and thematic services was presented at the EOSC launch event on 23 November 2018 in Vienna. It gives a good insight in how CLARIN – together with other research infrastructures – is shaping the EOSC.

CLARIN's involvement in EOSC

In June 2017, CLARIN ERIC signed the EOSC Declaration, as member of a coalition of "doers"

As of October 2020, CLARIN ERIC is a provisional member of the EOSC association

CLARIN in EOSC-related projects

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