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Web Services

A sample of the web services brought to you by CLARIN - please contact us if your service is missing here.

Webservice orchestration engines

  • Weblicht: an execution environment for automatic annotation of text corpora, built by CLARIN-D. Linguistic tools such as tokenizers, part of speech taggers, and parsers are encapsulated as web services, which can be combined by the user into custom processing chains. The resulting annotations can then be visualized in an appropriate way, such as in a table or tree format.

  • CLARIN-DK offers automated creation and execution of workflows. A user chooses input from the repository and selects one or more features that characterise the desired output, such as type of content or file format. CLARIN-DK then computes and lists the workflows that lead to the goal. After submitting one of these, an e-mail is sent when results are available.

Individual web services

The Language Resource Switchboard includes a task-based overview of many web applications and services available offered by CLARIN centres.

NLP services for Polish by Wrocław University of Technology The TaKIPI-WS web service provides functionality for text tagging, lematization, segmentation, morphologic analysis and tokenization. The requests are handled in an asynchronous manner. Furthermore a web service connection to the Polish WordNet.
NLP Services for several languages by Leipzig University Broad range of services, e.g. provinding occurences, neighbours and synonyms of words
CLARIN-CAT-lab Catalan portal for CLARIN technology
CLARIN-ES-lab The Spanish virtual laboratory for CLARIN technology
NLP Services for Portuguese by the NLX group, University of Lisbon chunker, tokeninzer, tagger (WSDL, contact for WS-security credentials)
AVAtech web services automatic audio segmentation and video recognition web services, can be used in ELAN as described in the manual
MAUS services automatic phonetic alignment, for various languages