Using Zoom

If you are hosting the meeting, you also need to create an account. Otherwise this is not required.

If you have not installed Zoom yet, a link Join from your browser will be shown. We recommend not to use this Zoom Web Client, since the stand-alone Zoom client application works more reliable. If you still decide to join from your browser, please note that only with Google Chrome you will be able to speak.

For more help and tutorials, see the Zoom Help Center.

Recommendations for videoconferencing

In a distributed environment as CLARIN, videoconferencing is frequently used. Keeping in mind the following recommendations can make it an efficient and pleasant work tool.

  • When calling in alone:
    • Always use a headset. This avoids at least 80% of the problems with videoconferencing. If you do not have a headset, please consider buying one - it is an excellent investment (around 30 euro) for remote collaboration.
    • If you cannot use a headset, at least make sure to use headphones or earbuds – this will avoid echoes and feedback noise. In this case you will need a separate microphone – many laptops have microphones built-in, but the quality differs a lot. Please test it beforehand.
  • When calling in with a group of people:
    • Consider getting a speakerphone – this makes a huge difference. We have good experiences with the Sennheiser SP20 and the Jabra Speak models.
  • If you are not speaking it is recommended to mute your microphone in order to avoid echoes and other background sounds.
  • Calibrate  and test your microphone, as to avoid that people do not hear you (too silent) or the sound is distorted (too loud). Check the instructions for Windows or MacOS. There is a complete testsuite available at - it also comes with instructions to adjust your microphone volume.
  • Use a webcam when available. Although not strictly necessary, seeing each other when talking greatly improves the communication setting. Many laptops come with a built-in webcam of acceptable quality. When buying an external USB webcam, refrain from getting the cheapest devices - often the resolution and picture quality is substandard. A reasonable webcam with 1024x768 (XGA) resolution can be found for less than 20 euro.
  • Connect your external devices (Headset, WebCam) before you log into the video conferencing system.
  • Join the video conference a bit earlier, to test your audio and video equipment. Alternatively use the Zoom test meeting beforehand.
  • Indicate to the chair you want to say something, by raising your hand (either your real hand or via the icon - although the latter is sometimes overlooked).

Connecting by phone

If connecting via a computer or app on your tablet or smartphone does not work, there is the last resort option: calling in by phone: