User Involvement Meeting in Soesterberg 24.10.2014

A meeting of the User Involvement Working Group will be held at the CLARIN Annual Conference in Soesterberg on the afternoon of Friday 24th October 2014. As well as inviting all of the working group, there is an open invitation to all participants at the conference, to come along to find out what we are doing and to contribute.

Following on from the outcomes of the kick-off meeting for this group in Utrecht in June, the following priority issues in this meeting will be:

  1. Sharing information about user involvement activities, and identifying opportunities for joint events and projects
  2. Updating and enhancing the CLARIN Portal: how to get more content and more regular updates? 
  3. Measuring success and failure: how do we count user engagement and how do we report it?

The intention is that this should be a relatively informal meeting, but please think about these issues and be prepared to talk about the issues arising in your country and community.

Below is the draft agenda:

14:30 Introduction: goals of the meeting

14:40 Sharing information about user involvement at national and European levels

15:10 Updating and enhancing the CLARIN Portal

15:40 Measuring engagement, usage, success and failure

16:00 coffee break

16:30 Breakout groups to carry out practical work on specific topics:

 1. Planning joint engagement activities (form one group for each planned activity)

 2. Portal content updates: writing showcases, blogs, links to resources

Ideas from the breakout groups will be documented and reported on in the finally plenary session of the conference.

Please get in touch with Martin Wynne if you have any questions or suggestions.