Updating metadata in the VLO

The metadata in the Virtual Language Observatory is based on several sources. Therefore there is not a single way of correcting or updating the entries. To determine where a metadata record stems from and to update it, inspect the Corpus facet (for resources) or the contributor facet (for tools) and follow the instructions below.


1. CLARIN inventory

If the corpus facet indicates "clarin", follow the following procedure to curate the metadata in the LRT inventory:

2. or

For curation of metadata delivered in the CMDI or OLAC format (via ) no other steps need to be taken than changing the metadata in the originating repository. To find out information about it click on the open in original context link. As there are diverse repository systems providing their metadata a as CMDI or OLAC there is no unified way of making changes. However once adaptations are  made in the original repository they will later on automatically be reflected in the .

3. (corpus = mpiCorpora )

Use Arbil (http://www.lat-mpi.eu/tools/arbil) to download the metadata file, edit it and replace the old version in the archive with (http://www.lat-mpi.eu/tools/lamus).

About the update interval

Please note that changes made as described above will not be immediately reflected into the VLO, as in general some manual synchronization steps need to be taken. For the CMDI and OLAC metadata it should take at most 2 days before the changes are visible in the VLO.