Training and Workshops

This page highlights training events and workshops organised by the Central CLARIN Office in collaboration with the CLARIN Committee Members (e.g. User Involvement, Knowledge Infrastructure), as well as training events organised within the context of European projects, such as UPSKILLS.

Event Type Target Audience Date Location
This workshop showcased the latest training and educational initiatives, as well as learning materials created within the CLARIN network. It was held as a parallel session during the CLARIN Annual Conference, 16-18 October Leuven 2023.
workshop educators, trainers, curriculum designers 17 October 2023 Leuven, Belgium/ online
The Geneva multiplier event is the second event organized in Switzerland by the UPSKILLS project. Its goal is to bring together members of academia and companies across Switzerland to work on improving the employability of language and linguistics students.
workshop educators, PhD students, industry representatives
21-22 April 
University of Geneva, Switzerland
This crash course is for academics, researchers and teaching assistants who are interested in learning how to conceptualise and design their own online training materials on a topic of their choice.
training educators, teaching assistants, trainers 3 March 2023 Online
This training workshop demonstrated the use of Jupyter notebooks to education professionals working in an academic context and provided them with hands-on experience adapting and extending pipelines for processing of text resources. Participants are guided through Jupyter notebooks that select and pre-process resources making use of metadata, run an NLP task on the selected resources, and further process and present the results.
training educators, trainers, researchers 15 June 2022 Online
This workshop introduced a number of ways in which CLARIN can support teachers by helping with the discovery, use and sustainability of resources, and by providing materials for teaching.
workshop educators, teachers in language and linguistics 13 July University of Limerick, Ireland
This one-day event shared the guidelines and best practices for incorporating research and research infrastructures into teaching developed in the UPSKILLS project. The event included a demonstration of how the learning content produced in the UPSKILLS project can be reused and integrated into the university curricula.
workshop educators, curriculum designers, policymakers 4 November 2022 Utrecht and Online
This event focused on the necessary skills needed to reach out beyond academia, such as more effective communication with non-academic and/or commercial entities. Also discussed were a set of common SSH training topics that are relevant for non-academic entities when considering the research infrastructure service offer.
workshop research infrastructure communicators, training officers, industry liaison officers 11 March 2022 Online
This Café focused on the current practices for using CLARIN resources in teaching and the creation of best-practice guidelines.  
café educators, curriculum designers, trainers 1 December 2021 Online
Workshop participants were introduced to the SSHOC training toolkit and the CLARIN Repository - resources designed to help librarians improve training activities and educational programs for local researchers. The event also included a discussion on online training best practices and methodologies. 
training librarians 23 June 2020 Online
Part II of this CLARIN Café series was a continuation of the discussion which started during the CLARIN@universities workshop on how CLARIN resources can benefit university teachers and lecturers. 
café educators, curriculum designers 10 June 2020 Online
This workshop focused on the integration of CLARIN content into university programmes.
workshop educators, curriculum designers 4 and 5 November 2019 Utrecht