Teaching with CLARIN Award


Started in 2021, the Teaching with CLARIN Award is given to lecturers or other education professionals who have successfully integrated CLARIN into the courses they teach and/or training material they have developed.


The Teaching with CLARIN Award can be granted in the following categories:

  • The Teaching with CLARIN Jury Award. The winner(s) of this award are selected by a jury consisting of five representatives from the CLARIN Training taskforce, the Board of Directors and the User Involvement committee.
  • The Teaching with CLARIN Audience Award. The winner(s) of this award are selected through an open election.


In 2021, everyone who had successfully submitted training material in response to the Call "Teaching CLARIN in Times of Corona" was eligible for the Teaching with CLARIN Award. Starting from 2022, a Teaching with CLARIN call will be issued every year.

Award ceremony

The Teaching with CLARIN Award ceremony is part of the CLARIN Annual Conference. Winners are announced during the Teaching with CLARIN session, where the submitted materials are presented.


The first Teaching with CLARIN Award will be handed out at the CLARIN Annual Conference 2021. After the ceremony, the winners will be listed here.

2021 Winners


Teaching with CLARIN Jury Award 

Mietta Lennes
Faculty of Humanities, University of Helsinki, Finland
Darja Fišer and Kristina Pahor de Maiti
Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Teaching with CLARIN Audience Award
Diana Maynard
Faculty of Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK

All the training materials submitted between December 2020 and June 2021 are showcased on the "Teaching with CLARIN" page.