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Support for EU-funded Projects


This page contains information about the CLARIN service offer dedicated to supporting members of the CLARIN network who intend to prepare project proposals for Horizon Europe and other EU-funded projects on topics that are of strategic relevance for CLARIN and the visibility of the resources.

CLARIN, both the central office and the national consortia, can help at various levels. At the early stages of the proposal, they can provide help for networking and documentation and assistance in writing the proposal. In addition there is the possibility to apply for a small grant that can be used to cover certain costs coming with the preparation of a project proposal. CLARIN also facilitates the compliance with Open Science and FAIR Data Requirements. Finally, various CLARIN can help in disseminating and communicating your results 

Help for Networking and Documentation

CLARIN’s network of centres is a useful place to start when looking for partners with expertise in Language Resources and Technologies. 

You can use the to find out who hosts the data that you are interested in. CLARIN’s knowledge infrastructure is also there to provide knowledge and expertise. In particular, you can also consult the CLARIN K-centres specific competences.

If you think that your project will require new and upgraded services from either the central or the national infrastructure you may also consider including CLARIN as a partner in your consortium. 

Assistance in Writing the Proposal

CLARIN also offers support while writing the proposal. Relevant projects can for instance request letters of support from CLARIN and its national nodes. You can also consult CLARIN on specific technological matters.

Seed Grants as Support for Horizon Europe Proposal Preparation

With this support instrument CLARIN provides a seed grant for the preparation of applications for Horizon Europe projects, specifically for  Pillar I and Pillar II projects

 The CLARIN seed grants can help cover costs associated with:

  • Meetings of an international consortium
  • External consultancy services
  • Support from student-assistants
  • Teaching replacement

The maximum amount that can be applied for:

  • for the Coordinator of a proposal prepared by a consortium: € 6.000
  • for a Participant (Beneficiary or LTP) in a consortium: € 4.000

For more details on how to apply see the dedicated page.

Compliance with Open Science, FAIR Data and Legal Requirements 

The new Horizon Europe programme comes with a strong focus on the enabling and support for Open Science. For a proposal to be successful, Open Access to research data must be ensured, in line with the principle "as open as possible, as closed as necessary". This means that a Data Management Plan for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable) research data is mandatory.

The CLARIN infrastructure with its central services and its distributed network of repositories ensures that the deposited language resources and tools are FAIR. See the CLARIN and FAIR page for more information. 

Moreover the collection and processing of data need to comply with two European pieces of legislation: one regarding Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), namely the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, and one regarding the protection of personal data, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The CLARIN Committee on Legal and Ethical Issues (CLIC) has gathered on The Legal Information Platform useful information on legal issues related to research, with a focus on the social sciences and humanities domain. 

You can consult the CLIC white papers on legal issues and language science as well as the two CLARIN Cafés organised by CLIC on IPR and GDPR. The recordings, blogs and slides of these Cafés are available for consultation:

Many of the CLARIN centres offer depositing services that allow you to make your data sustainable, citable, findable and compliant with EU law on IPR and the GDPR.

Support for Disseminating your Results

During the lifetime of your project and after it has ended, CLARIN can also support the dissemination of the results of your projects. CLARIN channels can help you reach researchers in various communities and give visibility to your project, e.g. via the monthly newsflash, Tour de CLARIN or the CLARIN Annual Conference

Do not hesitate to contact the CLARIN office and your national coordinator for further information, also for support options for projects not funded by the European Union.