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Summary: State of the technical infrastructure at the Annual Meeting 2013

The big picture of the state of the technical infrastructure is positive. This is what can be said as the one sentence summary of the talk: “State of the technical infrastructure” by Dieter van Uytvanck. Starting with the technical objectives for research  infrastructures he presented the first results of the assessment and challenges facing CLARIN. In the discussion following his presentation, the question of sustainability was raised: infrastructures provide a way of maintaining resources for a long period of time, but the question of long term maintenance is still unsolved.

For some participants the question of centre types within CLARIN was unclear. With regards to the types of centers the question was asked, what kind of information needs to be provided by which kind of center. B centers are the standard case for CLARIN centres, being required to provide PIDs and metadata in CMDI for their resources. Only few core services will require high availability and the backend of a CLARIN A centre.

The CLARIN infrastructure and the information provided by the A and B centres is available not only to CLARIN members, but often also to others, such if they are at an academic institution that is  connected to an identity provider recognized by CLARIN or if they individually apply for an account at the CLARIN IDP and are from the academic community. This way CLARIN does not only serve its members but the complete Humanities and Social Science community.

The full set of slides of the presentation is also available.