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Service Provider Federation

On this page you can find detailed information about the CLARIN 'Service Provider Federation' (SPF). For the non-technical perspective, take a look at the list of end-user services available via the SPF and a more general introduction.


The goal of the SPF is to connect multiple CLARIN Service Providers to several national Identity Federations. This makes password-protected resources (files, web applications) available to academic users from many EU-countries.

To achieve this interconnection, each CLARIN centre signs an agreement, giving the power of attorney to the CLARIN ERIC. The CLARIN can then sign subsequent agreements with the national Identity Federations involved, as to ensure that they give their users access to the CLARIN services. This construction avoids the situation where each CLARIN centre would need to sign an agreement with each Identity Federation.

The currently operational Service Providers are tabulated by the Centre Registry.

Participating Identity Federations

We aim at including all European federations, however CLARIN member countries get the highest priority.

Country Federation Status Opt-in
Austria ACOnet Connected (via national federation). OK (not required)
Belgium Belnet Connected (via national federation). OK (not required)
Cyprus CyNet Connected (via eduGAIN).  
Czech Republic Connected (via eduGAIN). OK (not required)
Denmark,  Iceland WAYF Connected (via eduGAIN). OK (not required)
Estonia TAAT Connected (via eduGAIN). OK (not required, attribute release mandatory)
Finland Haka Connected (via eduGAIN). OK (not required)
France Fédération Éducation-Recherche Connected (via eduGAIN).  
Germany DFN-AAI Connected (via national federation). OK (not required)
Greece GRNET Federation Connected (via eduGAIN).  
Hungary Connected (via eduGAIN).  
Italy IDEM GARR Connected (via eduGAIN). OK (not required)
Latvia LAIFE Connected (via eduGAIN).  
Lithuania LITNET fedi Connected (via eduGAIN).  
The Netherlands SURFconext Connected (via national federation). Single opt-in required for the CLARIN Service Providers (as a group)
Norway FEIDE Connected (via eduGAIN). Opt-in required per Service Provider (letter to IdPs with opt-in request is planned).
Poland PIONIER.Id Connected (via eduGAIN).  
Portugal RCTSaai Connected (via national federation). OK (not required)
Slovenia ArnesAAI Connected (via eduGAIN).  
South Africa SAFIRE Connected (via eduGAIN). OK (not required)
Sweden SWAMID Connected (via eduGAIN). OK (not required)
Switzerland SWITCHaai Connected (via eduGAIN). OK (not required)
United Kingdom UK Federation Connected (via eduGAIN). OK (not required)

An automated overview of attribute release is available here.

The agreement signed by the participating Service Providers is available here.

State of Affairs - Production Service Providers

An overview of production and working preproduction SPs and their status across identity federations is available here

State of Affairs - Pre-Production (Test) Service Providers

An overview table is available here. Once a Service Provider is in place and has been tested, it will be added to this page.


SAML Metadata


The Agreement

See the CE-2014-0330 document.




If you have any further questions about the SPF, please mail them to spf [at] (spf[at]clarin[dot]eu).


Background Information