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Reference Manual: technical infrastructure

Please note: although it still contains useful links, this section will be completely revised soon.

-        Technical infrastructure
o   Nature and task
§ Purpose
§ Architecture
o   Centres
§ Overview
·       Types: specification document and FAQs
·       Tasks, service level agreements
·       Characteristics, requirements
·       Data architecture and organisation
·       Existing respository systems
·       Guarantees identity, integrity, authenticity
§ Metadata infrastructure
·       Creation
standard, : web page

Categories: ISOcat and RelCAT

CMDI and granularity: draft document

CMDI and versioning: document is being written
·       Exploitation
o   CMDI repository
o   : technical paper
o   Virtual collection registry
§ Persistent identifiers
·       Overview, function, associated information: list of FAQs
o   Versioning
o   granularity
·       European Persistent Identifier Consortium: website with general and technical information
·       Function, architecture
·       Overview
o   National idfs
o   Edugain
·       CLARIN SPF: webpage with information
o   Role in architecture
o   Joining SPF (D7.2, kl)
o   Joining an IDF (D7.2, kl)
§ Web services
·       Overview and architecture
·       Workspaces
·       Generic frameworks for WS
·       Weblicht as an example
o   Overview, architecture
o   Metadata search
o   Content search