Programme CLARIN Annual Conference 2017

CLARIN Annual Conference 2017

Location: Danubius Hotel Flamenco, 3-7. Tas vezér utca, 1113 Budapest, Hungary

Date: Monday 18 September 2017 - Wednesday 20 September 2017

For general information on the Conference, see the event page.

Abstracts can be found here.


Day 1: Committee meetings, opening ceremony, invited talk and first paper session


Monday 18 September 2017 Room
09:00-11:00 Committee meetings I (members and invitees only)  
  meeting Bolero
  meeting Park I

Coffee break

Bolero Foyer
11:30-13:00 Committee meetings II (members and invitees only)  
  NCF meeting Bolero
  /Curation TF meeting Park II


14:00-16:00 Committee meetings III (members and invitees only)  
  Centre Assessment Committee Park I
  Standards Committee Park II
  Legal and Ethical Issues Committee Park III
  User Involvement group & Knowledge Sharing Infrastructure Committee (joint meeting) Bolero

Coffee break

Bolero Foyer
  Start of the conference  

CLARIN 2017 opening ceremony

Franciska de Jong (Executive Director), Maciej Piasecki (Programme Chair) and Tamás Váradi (Local Organizer) (slides)



Invited talk 1

Literary translations and tools for stylometric research

Karina van Dalen-Oskam (University of Amsterdam / Huygens ING) (slides)



Paper session 1

Open Stylometric System WebSty: Towards Multilingual and Muiltipurpose Workbench

Maciej Piasecki, Tomasz Walkowiak and Maciej Eder (slides)

Machine Exploration of Secondary Literature with Literary Exploration Machine

Maciej Maryl, Maciej Piasecki and Tomasz Walkowiak (slides)



Reception (drinks + food)

Academy Club


Day 2: Papers sessions, invited talk, Bazaar and general sessions


Tuesday 19 September 2017


State of the Infrastructure

CLARIN Board of Directors 

Bente Maegaard (slides) an Koenraad De Smedt (slides)



Paper session 2

Involving Users and Collaborating between Disciplines in Making Cultural Heritage Accessible for Research

Johanna Berg, Rickard Domeij, Jens Edlund, Gunnar Eriksson, David House, Zofia Malisz, Susanne Nylund Skog and Jenny Öqvist (slides)

Authorship and Ownership in the Digital Oral Archives Domain: The Gra,fo Digital Archive in the CLARIN-IT Repository

Silvia Calamai and Francesca Biliotti (slides)

A Bridge from EUDAT's B2DROP Cloud Service to CLARIN's Language Resource Switchboard

Claus Zinn (slides)

10:55-11:25 Coffee break Bolero Foyer

Paper session 3

Morphological Productivity of Adjective Formation in German - a Diachronic Corpus Study Using the CLARIN-D Infrastructure

Erhard Hinrichs (slides)

Digital Muqtabas CTS Integration in CLARIN

Till Grallert, Jochen Tiepmar, Thomas Eckart, Dirk Goldhahn and Christoph Kuras (slides)

CORLI: A Linguistic Consortium for Corpus, Language and Interaction

Christophe Parisse, Céline Poudat, Ciara Wigham, Michel Jacobson and Loïc Liégeois (slides)

12:40-14:00 Lunch Restaurant

Short reports on Committee meetings, by the respective chairs

Assessment Committee, by Lene Offersgaard (slides)

Standards Committee, by Piotr Banski (slides)



Presentation on CLARIN in Hungary




Bolero Foyer
16:00-16:30 Coffee break Bolero Foyer

Thematic session: Multilingual Processing for Social Sciences and Humanities


Invited talk 2

From multilingual to cross-lingual processing for Social Sciences and Humanities

Piek Vossen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) 



Thematic papers

Many a Little Makes a Mickle – Infrastructure Component Reuse for a Massively Multilingual Linguistic Study

Lars Borin, Shafqat Mumtaz Virk and Anju Saxena (slides)

Parliamentary Corpora in the CLARIN infrastructure

Darja Fišer and Jakob Lenardič (slides)

19:00 Conference dinner Zsófia Event Boat


Day 3: Papers, posters, general sessions and closing session


Wednesday 20 September 2017


Paper session 4

Working towards a Metadata Federation of CLARIN and DARIAH-DE

Thomas Eckart and Tobias Gradl (slides)

Component Metadata Infrastructure Best Practices for CLARIN

Thomas Eckart, Twan Goosen, Susanne Haaf, Hanna Hedeland, Oddrun Ohren, Dieter Van Uytvanck and Menzo Windhouwer (slides)

Implementation of an Open Science Policy in the Context of Management of CLARIN Language Resources: A Need for Changes?

Aleksei Kelli, Krister Lindén, Kadri Vider, Penny Labropoulou and Erik Ketzan (slides)

Examining Web User Flows and Behaviours in CLARIN Ecosystem

Go Sugimoto (slides)


10:40-11:00 Poster slam Ravel
11:00-11:20 Coffee break Bolero Foyer

Poster and demo session

Digital Classics: A Survey of the Needs of Ancient Greek Scholars in Italy

Monica Monachini, Anika Nicolosi and Alberto Stefanini

Improved Treebank Querying: A Facelift for GrETEL

Liesbeth Augustinus, Bram Vanroy and Vincent Vandeghinste

Multilingual Text Annotation of Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian with WebLicht

Nikola Ljubešic, Tomaž Erjavec, Darja Fišer, Erhard Hinrichs, Marie Hinrichs, Cyprian Laskowski, Filip Petkovski and Wei Qui

CLARIN-IT: State of Affairs, Challenges and Opportunities

Lionel Nicolas, Alexander König, Monica Monachini, Riccardo Del Gratta, Silvia Calamai, Andrea Abel, Alessandro Enea, Francesca Biliotti and Valeria Quochi

Expanding the Functionalities of the Language Resources Switchboard by Integrating a Set of Tools for the Processing of Polish Language

Rafal Jaworski and Maciej Ogrodniczuk

Man against Machine: Qualitative Comparison of Original, Translated and Post-edited Wikipedia Articles

Mark Fišel, Martin Luts, Arvi Tavast, Sirli Zupping and Kadri Vare

Something will be Connected - Semantic Mapping from CMDI to PARTHENOS Entities

Matej Durco, Matteo Lorenzini and Go Sugimoto

ChronoPress – Chronological Corpus of Polish Press Texts (1945–1962)

Adam Pawlowski

Developing a CLARIN compatible AAI solution for academic and restricted resources

Tommi A Pirinen, Daniel Jettka and Hanna Hedeland

Correct-Annotator: An Annotation Tool for Learner Corpora

Felix Hultin

An Arranged Marriage: Integrating DKPro Core in the Language Analysis Portal

Milen Kouylekov, Emanuele Lapponi, Stephan Oepen and Richard Eckart de Castilho

Open Stylometric System WebSty: Towards Multilingual and Muiltipurpose Workbench

Maciej Piasecki, Tomasz Walkowiak and Maciej Eder

Bolero Foyer
13:00-14:00 Lunch Restaurant

State of the Technical Infrastructure

Dieter Van Uytvanck and Menzo Windhouwer


14:30-14:45 Award ceremony Ravel


Looking forward

Board of Directors (slides)

Acknowledgements and goodbye

Maciej Piasecki

15:30 End of conference  


Day 4: Post-conference SAB meeting


Thursday 21 September 2017

09:00-10:30 Scientific Advisory Board (closed meeting) Park IV
10:30-11:30 Coffee break Park IV
11:00-13:00 Scientific Advisory Board (closed meeting) Park IV
13:00 Lunch Restaurant