Privacy by Design in Research

Goals and Objectives  

This is privacy by design in research! The aim of this training material is to show researchers how to perform a data protection impact assessment for an innovative research scenario to enable responsible re-use of archived speech corpora.
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RoleCOMENIUS senior fellow and member of CLIC
Legal Affairs
University of Groningen
Groningen, The Netherlands
Role: representing the CLARIN K-Centre ACE and DELAD
CLST, Radboud University, the Netherlands

Description of the Training Materials

(Sub)discipline, topic, language(s)

Research skills, legal and ethical issues

Data handling speech recognition


GDPR, legacy data, re-use, Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Project URL 
CLARIN resources

DELAD Workshop 2021 | CLARIN ERIC

Structure and duration

See the roadmap for staff.

Target audience

Researchers and students

Facilities required
No special requirements

The DELAD team made a recording of role play of a Data Protection Impact Assessment, as a follow-up of the CLARIN DELAD workshop DELAD Workshop 2021 | CLARIN ERIC with a scenario of innovative re-use of legacy audio data, based on the attached scenario. The scenario is made based on the e-learning material and instructors' guidance provided by the COMENIUS project Privacy in Research. This is developed by a member of CLIC and is available online.

Course(s) in which the training material was used

Master programme on Voice Technology, University of Groningen

Licence and (re)use No special requirements
Creation date 28 June 2021
Last modification date 15 September 2021 

Experience with Using CLARIN Resources in Teaching 

During Corona, I got more and more involved with the DELAD team. It helps me to assess the needs of researchers for embedding legal advice in their communication in CLARIN. The suggestion to make a recording and elaborate a scenario was an initiative of the team. In the European General Data Protection Regulation working together in a multi-stakeholder assessment is the way to go for innovation. The DELAD team made that possible. I am sure that students all over Europe will be happy with the possibility to see how a team of real experts handles such a data protection impact assessment. This will help to harmonise the re-use of research data in Europe.

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The materials can be re-used to train researchers and educators. 

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Hoorn, E., Van den Heuvel, H., Bessel, N., Klessa, K., Lee, A., Salaasti, S., Trilsbeek, P. (2021): 

Privacy by Design in Research: A DPIA role play with video. Teaching material published at the CLARIN Annual Conference 2021. 

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