Points of Pride

Points of Pride are resources and services the national consortia are proud of. On Tuesday from 10:00-10:30 each Point of Pride will have some time to advertise and motivate their poster. After these presentations, the presenters will be available at their posters/demos for detailed discussions from 10:30 to 12:00.

Point of Pride Presenter(s) Institution
Fast search in Czech audio archives Jan Švec, Pavel Ircing University of West Bohemia
TLA Archive & Virtual Language Observatory Dieter Van Uytvanck The Language Archive/Max Planck Institute
TLA applications Sebastian Drude The Language Archive/Max Planck Institute
ISOcat Menzo Windhouwer The Language Archive
eLaborate/ePistolarium Gertjan Filarski Huygens ING
Demonstrating EduGAIN's Code of Conduct for cross-federation access Antti Pursula CSC
Korp and Karp: a bestiary of language resources Yvonne Adesam Språkbanken, University of Gothenburg
BlackLab: A corpus retrieval engine Wim Kok Dutch Institute for Lexicology
CMDI registry Daan Broeder The Language Archive/Max Planck Institute
Automatic creation of tool workflows in CLARIN-DK Bart Jongejan University of Copenhagen
IMS Web Services: Toolchains and Applications Jens Stegmann IMS, University of Stuttgart
CMDI search Marc Kemps-Snijders Meertens Institute
TTNWW Marc Kemps-Snijders Meertens Institute
CLARIN-D: Working closely with the community Erhard Hinrichs CLARIN-D
CLARIN-D user relations Volker Boehlke CLARIN-D Center Leipzig