Papers, posters and demos CAC2014

1 Luboš Šmídl and Pavel Ircing Air Traffic Control Communication (ATCC) Speech Corpus
2 Twan Goosen and Thomas Eckart Virtual Language Observatory 3.0: What’s New?
4 Mitchell Seaton and Bart Jongejan Implementation of Persistent Identifiers in
5 Twan Goosen, Menzo Windhouwer, Oddrun Ohren, Axel Herold, Thomas Eckart, Matej Ďurčo and Oliver Schonefeld CMDI 1.2: Improvements in the CLARIN Component Metadata Infrastructure
6 Richard Eckart De Castilho, Chris Biemann, Iryna Gurevych and Seid Muhie Yimam WebAnno: a flexible, web-based annotation tool for CLARIN
7 Jonathan Blumtritt, Willem Elbers, Twan Goosen, Mischa Sallé and Menzo Windhouwer User Delegation in the CLARIN Infrastructure
8 Daniël de Kok, Dörte de Kok and Marie Hinrichs Build your own treebank
9 Matej Durco and Karlheinz Mörth Towards a DH Knowledge Hub - Step 1: Vocabularies
10 Neeme Kahusk, Stelios Piperidis, Juli Bakagianni and Jussi Piitulainen On using the META-SHARE repository software to support a CLARIN centre
11 Merel Scholman and Ted Sanders Annotating coherence relations in corpora of language use
12 Jozef Mišutka, Ondřej Košarko, Amir Kamran, Michal Josífko and Pavel Straňák AAI: Experiences with Making a Service Available for Users Worldwide
13 Gunn Inger Lyse, Paul Meurer and Koenraad De Smedt COMEDI: A new component metadata editor
14 Erhard Hinrichs Auxiliary Fronting in German Subordinate Clauses: A Synchronic and Diachronic Corpus Study Using the CLARIN Research Infrastructure
15 Henk van den Heuvel, Nelleke Oostdijk, Eric Sanders and Vanja De Lint Data curations by the Dutch Data Curation Service
16 Hannah Kermes, Jörg Knappen, José Manuel Martínez Martínez, Elke Teich and Mihaela Vela TeLeMaCo---A tool for the dissemination of teaching and learning materials
17 Claus Povlsen, Dorte Haltrup Hansen and Thomas Klitgaard Hertel Making Assyrian texts available to the public
18 Lene Offersgaard and Dorte Haltrup Hansen Reusing CMDI components for a textCorpusProfile - towards a generic textCorpusProfile
20 Daan Broeder and Jan Odijk CLARIN Centers for a Sustainable Infrastructure
21 Christian Pölitz and Thomas Bartz Using Data Mining and the CLARIN Infrastructure to Extend Corpus-based Linguistic Research
23 Timm Lehmberg The CLARIN-D Help Desk
24 Jan Hajič, Eva Hajičová, Jozef Mišutka and Pavel Straňák Services of Lindat/Clarin Centre
26 Piotr Pęzik Spokes – a search and exploration service for conversational corpus data
27 Farina Freigang, Matthias A. Priesters, Rie Nishio and Kirsten Bergmann Your Data at the Center of Attention: A Metadata Session Profile for Multimodal Corpora
28 Toine Pieters, Pim Huijgens and Maarten de Rijke Eugenics revisited in hidden debates by means of multilingual semantic text-mining with the Biland demonstrator
29 Max Kemman and Martijn Kleppe Too Many Varied User Requirements for Digital Humanities Projects
30 Susanne Haaf, Peter Fankhauser and Thorsten Trippel CLARIN’s Virtual Language Observatory (VLO) under scrutiny -- The VLO taskforce of the CLARIN-D centres
32 Silvia Bonacchi and Mariusz Mela The use and interoperability of the computer programmes Folker, ELAN and Praat for multimodal linguistic annotation
33 Pavel Rychly Advance Search in CLARIN Text Corpora
34 Jelke Bloem, Arjen Versloot and Fred Weerman Using automatically annotated corpora in language variation research