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Increasingly, interesting topics are explained with the help of multimedia (videos, moving images, recorded lectures etc.).

On this page and at the CLARIN YouTube channel we will present multimedia files that are interesting and relevant for CLARIN.

Title Background information
WebMAUS WebMAUS provides automatic segmentation of speech. Developed by the Bavarian Archive of Speech Data (Munich, Germany), WebMAUS uses transcribed text and the speech signal (an audio or video file) as an input and timealigns the transcriptions to the signal.
Mimore MIMORE is a web application that enables simultaneous search in three micro-comparative databases on Dutch dialects via a common interface. This makes it possible to investigate potential correlations between variables at the three different linguistic levels. Cartographic functionality enables the user to visualize these correlations and set theoretic functionality to analyze them.
CLARIN-Meeting Prague
(short version)

CLARIN - the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure - holds annual meetings. In 2013 the meeting was held in Prague. Information on the event can be found here. This video provides an overview about the ideas in the form of a 6 minute film.