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Licenses, Agreements, Legal Terms

All CLARIN resources and services are offered according to certain formal legal conditions and terms.

These are formulated in a number of different license documents. These have been made available by the Finnish CLARIN consortium; links point to documents there.

Terms of Service

The general conditions for accessing the resources distributed by CLARIN are stated in the CLARIN Terms of Service.


For all resouces distributed by CLARIN, more specific conditions may apply, which are stated in licenses.

There are many individual licenses put togeter by combining specific conditions for individual legal aspects. 

A detailed overview of the individual licenses in these three categories, with examples of licenses for well-known resources outside the CLARIN domain, can be found on the special page: License Categories.

In short, all CLARIN licenses fall into three larger groups: CLARIN PUB, CLARIN ACA or CLARIN RES.

In order to determine which license is the best fit for a certain resource, there is a 'CLARIN License Category Calculator available.

Deposition License Agreements

If one wants to include new resources into the CLARIN domain, a specific deposition license agreement has to be chosen to apply. Depending on into which category of licenses (see previous section) the resources will belong, a minimal set of usage conditions have to apply which are stated in the three model agreements below. It is possible to also agree on additional or more specific conditions with the resource providers, so these minimal deposition licences can be used as checklists.

End User License Agreements

In addition to the conditions stated in the specific licenses, certain additional terms may apply in an agreement to be established with the end user. These are formulated in the End User License Agreement.