Invited talk: Preparation and analysis or corpora of parliamentary debates

Invited talk by: Andreas Blätte

Title: The preparation and analysis of corpora of parliamentary debates: Ideas for making things sustainable

Abstract: In order to convince political scientists (including doctoral students) to work with large-scale text, barriers of entry need to be low. Corpora of parliamentary proceedings are a brilliant point of entry into the world of corpora. This has the implication that sustainable solutions need to be achieved that are accessible at low cost.  With the support of an infrastructure that helps us to do substantial research quickly, we may learn a lot about democracy in Europea and the digital humanities methodology at the same time.  But it is crucial to reduce the marginal cost of preparing and exchanging data.  It is therefore important to understand how CLARIN can support the object-oriented framework for corpus preparation, including databases with speakers, their functions etc., and to exhange information on best practises. 

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