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Invited talk: Parliamentary proceedings in Italian Senate

Invited talk by: Manuela Ruisi
Title: Parliamentary proceedings in Italian Senate. Current management and perspectives
Abstract: Indexing, publishing and archiving are the last steps of the long path of parliamentary proceedings since the creation of documents by capture of speeches or editing of texts. For this reason these operations are deeply affected by the effectiveness of all previous activities. Technologies supporting every phase of this workflow make the difference in terms of completeness, speed, content enrichment, saving of human and economic resources. The Italian Senate ICT Department developed many tools in order to support  curators, enabling them to create documents in open standard formats, adding metadata allowing to manage more efficiently later phases of editing, cataloguing and publishing. Self-publishing, self-indexing, self-archiving of documents are the goals: some targets have been already reached, some others are still to be achieved. While self-publishing is already a reality in the Senate (overview), self-indexing is developing (examples and projects from current proceedings and from retrospective documentation) and automatic semantic classification is a project (the near future of Italian Senate Thesaurus TESEO).

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