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Guest blog posts

'Reflections on the CLARIN-PLUS workshop "Creation and Use of Social Media Resources' by Adrien Barbaresi / 30 August 2017

'Empirical data in linguistics' by Ana Slavec and Jakob Lenardič / 17 July 2017

'CLARIN-PLUS Workshop on User Involvement by FIN-CLARIN' by Tero Aalto (FIN-CLARIN) / 20 June 2017

'Impressions of CLARIN-LT on the CLARIN-PLUS Workshop on Social Media Resources' by CLARIN-LT / 20 June 2017

'Reflections on CLARIN workshop on Oral History in Arezzo' by Bianca Pastori / 23 May 2017

'Reflections on CLARIN-PLUS workshop in Sofia' by Martijn Kleppe / 10 April 2017