Get Involved with CLARIN

Participation in CLARIN can take place at several levels. At the CLARIN level the main participants are countries or intergovernmental organisations, represented by their ministries or research councils. They can either be members or, if they are still in the process of preparing themselves to join, observers. Third countries from within or outside Europe can also join, provided they recognise the ERIC as a legal entity. See here for more information on how to prepare to join CLARIN ERIC.

CLARIN ERIC can make special collaboration agreements with countries, institutions or other legal entities in countries that do not belong to CLARIN ERIC, but that can contribute to CLARIN’s goals.

In every member country there is a national CLARIN consortium. These national consortia typically consist of universities, research institutions, libraries and/or public archives. Each country decides for itself how its consortium is organised. Some countries have broad consortia, with many participants, others have opted for smaller consortia. Visit the list of national consortia for more information on their composition.

In addition, CLARIN wants to be open to institutions, individual researchers, and content providers who have an interest in collaborating with or contributing to CLARIN, but who are not part of a CLARIN centre or consortium. Please get in touch via if you would like to contribute in some way or find out more.