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Factsheet: CLARIN-PLUS

The CLARIN-PLUS project in a nutshell

Full project name

28 months, from September 2015 to December 2017 (including extension with 4 months)

Project coordinator (main applicant)
Franciska de Jong, CLARIN ERIC


Summary of main topic and goals
CLARIN-PLUS was dedicated to enhancing CLARIN. Following the recommendations of the 2013 ESFRI Assessment Expert Group, CLARIN-PLUS aimed to accelerate the implementation and to strengthen and consolidate CLARIN in the following areas:

1. The central (technical) hub
2. The central office
3. Partnerships with other infrastructures
4. Outreach
5. Governance


All public deliverables are available here.


In the context of CLARIN-PLUS two series of workshops were organized:

I. A series of workshops for new countries and consortia

II. A series of workshop focusing with the aim to reach out to specific scholarly communities:

Mobility Grants

The CLARIN-PLUS project budget included funds for a number of mobility grants:  support options ranging from budget for site visits of specialists (in matters of technology, user involvement, or knowledge sharing) in order to share expertise and /or best practises, for visits to CLARIN-centra by representatives of consortia considering to join CLARIN in order to prepare the integration of their resources in the CLARIN infrastructure.   

CLARIN ERIC in the project

CLARIN's role in the project
CLARIN was project leader and leader of WP1, Project Management, WP2, Central Hub, WP3, Central Office, and WP5, Outreach; EKUT is leading WP4, Infrastructure Partnerships, and UCPH is leading WP6, Governance Sustainability.

Main CLARIN-specific results
CLARIN-PLUS enabled CLARIN to strengthen several components which are already in place, maximizing their impact with the improvements enabled by the project.

Person months for CLARIN ERIC/other partners
Of the 156 person months available for CLARIN-PLUS, 103 PM went to CLARIN ERIC Office and to CLARIN members ( through secondments),  the rest to the other CLARIN-PLUS consortium members.

Participating CLARIN partners
CLARIN ERIC/seconded members (103PM), EKUT (21PM), UCPH (17PM), CUNI (15PM)

Administrative details

Topic-ID INFRADEV-3-2015
Call-ID H2020-INFRADEV-1-2015-1
Type of action RIA
Proposal number 676529
Internal CLARIN-PLUS page with WPs, deliverables, distribution of PMs, Events, etc.