Factsheet: (CLARIN in) Europeana-DSI

The Europeana-DSI Project in a Nutshell

Full project name (with link to project page)

Europeana - Digital Service Infrastructure


  • DSI-1:¬†from April 2015 to May 2016; ¬†
  • DSI-2: from July 2016¬†to¬†August 2017;¬†
  • DSI-3: from September 2017¬†to¬†October¬†2018;
  • DSI-4: from September 2018 to August 2022.

Project coordinator (main applicant)

Jill Cousins, Stichting Europeana


26 partners, most from the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, and many other European countries

Summary of main topic and goals

This is NOT a Horizon 2020 project, but this Europeana project is funded under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) in order to develop Europeana as a Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI). DSIs are composed of ‚Äėcore service platforms‚Äô which enable trans-European connectivity and interoperability, and related ‚Äėgeneric services‚Äô which link national and sectorial infrastructures to the platforms. Under funding from CEF, Europeana will develop into a widely recognised platform of services and resources, not only for metadata references, but also for access to cultural content, tools and technologies, projects and other services.


CLARIN in the Project

CLARIN's role in the project

In DSI-1 CLARIN participated in WP3 on the task of developing distribution partnerships in 3 target sectors: education, research and tourism.

In DSI-2 CLARIN participates in WP2 on the design of end-user products & services.

In DSI-3 CLARIN participates in WP3 on reuse of digital cultural heritage resources for research.

In DSI-4 CLARIN participates in Task 3.2. Markets and audiences outreach

Main CLARIN-specific results

Representing the language resources community and their needs; integrating CLARIN metadata into Europeana; cooperate with DARIAH

Person months for CLARIN

DSI-1: 4 person months of a total of 996; DSI-2: 4 person months; DSI-3: 3 person months per year.

CLARIN's coordinator for this project

Dieter Van Uytvanck

Participating CLARIN partners (through direct project partnership or secondments)

CLARIN has seconded the 4 available person months to BBAW. The work in DSI-2 will be conducted by the central developers team.

Administrative Details

Topic-ID CEF-TC-2014-2
Internal pages for Europeana DSI-1 with WPs, deliverables, distribution of PMs, Events, etc.